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Help a newbie with a simple setup please


Hello. I honestly don't know very much about this kind of thing but I think a simple servo setup could help me with the problem I'm having. I am disabled and have very little use of my hands. I got a Kindle a few weeks ago and I thought I would be able to set up a way for me to turn the pages without having to touch the screen, but I couldn't. When I read I don't have the ability to reach out the touch the screen. I thought a simple servo that rotates 90 degrees and returns to it's starting point when I push a button with a tiny battery attached to trick the touchscreen could act as my finger and touch the screen. The only problem is I don't want to have the servo covering up any of the words so it would have to be off to the side. I got confused looking at the servos, controllers, receivers, batteries; I just need some help. I just need to know what I should buy and how to hook it up. I need very little power and I don't have a big budget. Can anyone help? Thanks for reading.

Sorry if this isn't really a robot.

Please look at the attached simple drawing and posted parts list and see if I have it right. Especially look at the switch connections; I'm not sure if it's a proper pull-up resistor setup (or even if a pull-up resistor is what I need). Will this setup allow for the servo to rotate 90 degrees and return to its starting position at the touch of the switch? Three other questions:

1. How should I connect the controller's VIN port to the controller's servo power port to allow the battery to power the servo and controller?
2. Do pre-crimped wires stay connected without a crimp housing?
3. Can a standard male end plug in to a port without a header pin?

Thanks guys. Parts listed below.

Sub-Micro Servo 3.7g (Generic)
Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled)
Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 4.8 V, 900 mAh, 4x1 AAA Cells, JR Connector
Snap-Action Switch with 16.7mm Lever: 3-Pin, SPDT, 5A
M-F Jumper wires, M-F pre-crimped wires, F-2F servo Y splitter, header pins if the answer to question 3 is no.

How should I attach a button or switch to my Micro Maestro? might be helpful to You.


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