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Onyx: My RoboGames 2013 Mech Warfare project


I'm crazy, because I'm hoping to enter RoboGames 2013 with two different projects! My main project is a wheeled rover doing RoboMagellan.

My youngest son saw Mech Warefare last year, and really got into it. He wants to compete. And, because I like building robots, I figured I'd build one for him to compete with :-)

Here's the 'mech, which I call Onyx, walking under its own power for the first time:

Some specs:

- 4000 mAh 14.8V LiPo battery
- Raspberry Pi with WiFi adapter for remote control and high-level IK (walking is IK based, moving the ground contact point in a straight line)
- Atmega32u4 for low-level servo control, USB connected to Raspberry
- Robotis MX-64T servos, 3DOF per leg
- Custom frames and feet milled in aluminum
- Custom code for the Atmega and the RPi (the RPi also runs Arch Linux)
- Control computer runs Linux, and an Xbox 360 controller for input

For MW, I also need to add a webcam, and two airsoft guns, on a turning/pivoting tower.

Wow.. :D That is one sweet robot, way beyond what I could build  :-[

Will you adopt me?  :P

Wow. Really nice work! I'm impressed.

I should post an update, because it's seen a lot of evolution.
Right now, I'm having some heat problems in the "knee" servos, which I think I'm going to have to solve with very small fans.
Other than that, I'm hoping to tape the qualification video for Mech Warfare this week-end, and we will compete next week-end!



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