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H-bridge schematic review?

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Would anyone be so kind as to review my H-bridge schematic?

I put this together on a prototype board and its not working at all.

I tripple checked all of my connections against this circuit, and nothing at all from my motor.

My assumption is that something is wrong with my circuit design, but I am not seeing it.

I did not design this myself, I got most of it from a book with some very minor changes that I made.

Can anyone see a problem with this?

I just noticed that in my sch I have the BHi and BLo reversed for the pin names, I fixed that and still no motor

Do you have a multimeter?

What does it measure on the top, in the center, and on the bottom, as well as for the gates of the transistors?

What voltage you operate? higher then 10V?
MOSFET was not logic level need more then 10V to operate.

Guys, thanks for the replies.

I actually got it "kind of" working.

I figured out that my mosfet driver chip was bad. Not sure what I did, maybe I zapped it with static electricity, but it was definitely bad.

By testing the voltage going in and coming out, I saw it was not working.

Fortunately I had another one to use, popped it and it worked.

For some reason which I cannot figure out though, PWM is working for my forward (m1BHI High, and m1ALI PWM) but it is not working reverse, I am only getting one speed with the reverse m1AHI High, m1BLI PWM.

Can anyone make any sense out of that?


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