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Arduino connection problem


Photo resistor:
I have had a problem to connect my Arduino Duemilanove for over a year now. I first discovered my problem when I tried to upload a simple code to it and got this error:
avrdude stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0x00
It seems that my Arduino does not communicate with my PC. In the device manager it appears as just an COM-port and does not display the name. I tried to connect it to
3 different computers, but got the same result. After a lot of research on the internet for solutions which didn't solve my problem, I decided to buy an UNO and a new
USB AB cabel. When I connected my UNO it did not appear at all in the Device manager. I have tried both Arduino boards on different computers and cables without
any luck.

If anyone could help me with this frustrating problem I would be very grateful :)

You tried this. I hope ?

Photo resistor:
Yes I have. My Uno does not appear at all in the device manager and the Duemilanove displays only the com port.
Is it vital that I have to download the Arduino IDE before I connect the microcontroller for the very first time, and
save it in a spesific folder?


Under Windows it is almost always to install the driver first and then connect the device. Because Windows has the flaw to detect something else or misconfigure under the hood. With the UNO the drivers are in the Sketch IDE software in the subfolders. You have to install the Sketch IDE first and follow the procedure.

But in this case I think there is somethong wrong with your USB controller. Remove your USB controller in device manager and reboot your PC let it detect again, install Sketch and then connect the Arduino (follow the guide), If it still does not work try another PC to test your Arduino's. Could still be a misdetection but perhaps a bad usb controller.

Buy a cheap new usb controller insert card is sometimes the easy way out.


--- Quote ---Buy a cheap new usb controller insert card is sometimes the easy way out.
--- End quote ---

Other options are buying an ISP programmer (like the USBTinyISP, about $15) or getting an Uno R3 which has the USB connector built in (about $25.)


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