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Struggling with Naming robot


Hi everyone,

I'm struggling with finiding a name for my robot for this science fair I'm entering.  Here are some details about the robot from my research plan.

--- Quote ---I'm making a versatile emergency response robot that will effectively aid search and rescue teams when entering dangerous rescue situations.

Some applications in which this robot could be used are natural disasters, fires, riots, reconnaissance, law enforcement, crowd control, border patrol, homeland security, diversion tactics and medical evacuations.  These are several applications, but there are plenty of others.

--- End quote ---

Here are my attempts at making an acronym. 
MTV (Multipurpose teleoperated vehicle)
VMP (Versatile multi missioned platform)
RTV (Reconfigurable tactical vehicle)

Keywords that could be used: versatile, multi missioned, tracked, ground, multipurpose, unmanned, proficient, effective, vehicle, robot, platform, modular, remote, rugged, emergency, response, specialized, reconfigurable, tactical, teleoperated multi functional

The name doesn't have to be an acronym.  For example, It could be a name like 'Chaos'

or thermite

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I can post a photo or two if necessary.

How about the Flexible Unmanned Drone?

Thanks for the response.  I wasn't clear about this, but its a ground vehicle and if I remember correctly drones refer a unmanned aircraft.  Here is a really outdated picture (camera out of order currently), but it gives you a general idea of what it is.

Ok I think I've finally came up with a name that sounds good. 


What do you think?

Try this site, it is kinda fun.


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