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Help: Simple semi-autonomous project


Since this is my first post - hello everyone.
I tried finding the answers in tutorials sections (without much luck)- It would be great if you guys could point me in the right direction.

I have some background in RC multirotor platforms but this thing has to be a little more complicated and autonomous so;
the thing is I need a platform that moves on the prebuilt track (something like a tunnel) and stops at certain preassigned points. The whole thing has to be wirelessly operated by a controller which can direct the platform to the certain point of the 'track' and then 'order it' to come back. The whole thing is a bit more complex but this is the basic concept.

I know I could use a bunch of industrial solutions but I'd like to do it myself not to mention I'm on a budget here.

I also hope my English is understandable.


What have you looked at already? Are you familiary with navigation systems like the ArduIMU or similar?


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