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Hi all,
We are Elecrow, which located in ShenZhen, China. We supply competitive prototype Fusion PCB service. Now, You don't need pay extra fees for your PCB's color any more! There are 6 colors for select - Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, all colors are free!  You can select the color you like and make your design more sexy. Besides, all boards are 100%E-Test, of course, this is also free.
We supply:
- 2 Layer 10 * 10cm Max with 10pcs.
- 2 Layer 20 * 20cm Max - 5/10pcs (Color Free). In here, the price of 5pcs absolute will make you surprised.
- 2 Layer 20cm * 20cm Max - 50pcs (Color Free).

PCB with Hasl Suface Finish

PCB with ENIG Suface Finish

Here are the prices for usual dimensions, all prices are base on 2 layer, 1.6mm thickness, Hasl surface finish, and 100% E-Test, colors are free.
5 * 5cm 10pcs  $9.9
5 * 10cm 10pcs  $23.9  weight + 60g
10 * 10cm 10pcs  $23.9 weight + 100g
5 * 15cm 5pcs  $29.4, If your boards are used as prototype, we recommend you select 5pcs, not only for environmental protection but also it will cheaper a lot than 10pcs.
5 * 20cm 5pcs  $37.9
10 * 15cm 5pcs  $42.9
5 * 5cm 50pcs  $37.9
5 * 10cm 50pcs  $69.9
10 * 10cm 50pcs  $101.9

We supply world wide shipping, the turn around time is 7-10days(For DHL) or 15-25days(For Airmail). Another good news is we supply free shipping for order over $50. For more detail please visit Elecrow - Fusion PCB Service.

This sounds almost exactly like the service provided by seeedstudio and iteadstudio. The pricing is the same, even. I bet they all use the same PCB board fab.

If they do, then the board quality is OK for hobbyist boards and larger pitches and larger holes, but I wouldn't use it for a fine-pitch precision job. They may say they do 8 mil or 10 mil, but I wouldn't rely on that -- 12 mil and up might be fine. For finer pitches, I'd go with oshpark.com instead, which gives you fewer boards, and a slightly higher price, but much higher quality. (Also, you cannot choose your color at OSH Park. Oh, well :-)

Might have to try you guys for some boards. Anyone ever used them before?


--- Quote from: SmAsH on January 22, 2013, 09:34:40 AM ---Might have to try you guys for some boards.

--- End quote ---
Welcome!, we will give you the best service!


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