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Good afternoon SoR, hope you're all doing well.  :P
Newbie here, hoping you can give me some advice so be kind lol.

I'm tossing around ideas at the moment and thinking of creating a small biped robo, about 20-40cm tall. I'm hoping to give it quite a large range of motion (ankles, knees, hip/hips, shoulders, neck, elbows, wrist/hand).
I'm hoping to make it as small as possible while still retaining a decent power/weight ratio, basic locomotive ability and arm functionality (planning on just 3 prong hands for gripping. so it's probably going to have to be larger than my 20cm ideal in any case.) If anyone can recommend some good places to grab parts and maybe a guide or a similar example I'd be eternally grateful. 

I'm not averse to pulling out a soldering iron, but honestly I've not messed about with gyros before and frankly that and balancing issues seems a tad out of my league. Also just looking at the price of some micro servos is making my wallet weep. I'm planning to machine the chassis by hand.

Again, if you have any advice/guides/links etc I'd be grateful.

What's your budget? Making a functioning, walking biped out of hobby micro servos might be quite challenging...
When I need cheap Chinese servos, I typically get Solar servos from HobbyPartz, and they are reasonably priced.
For out-of-US places, Hobby King has similar products at similar prices, and warehosues in Europe and Asia.

Hobby king, huh? hm... hopefully I'd be thinking £200 all in, (about $350-400ish) although I could go over if needed.

I could pretty much make a workable chassis myself since I've got access to plenty of scrap metal and a friend owns a lot of constuction equipment I could use to machine the parts. Seen some places that do pretty basic micro servos, about 4 for £10, although I think I'd need something with a bit more torque for the arm/elbow joints.


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