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Robot Vision Android App
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:17:25 AM »
Hey guys,

I have written an android app that I'm hoping will lower the barrier to entry to getting our robots equipped with a vision system. The idea is that you would use a GUI to program some task like blob tracking or face tracking or object tracking then get the output of that either via serial or Bluetooth.

At the moment what I have working well is blob detection and face detection. The things I'm working on is object tracking and face tracking. The distinction I make between detection and tracking is that detection doesn't distinguish between the features detected, rather it just finds them all. On the other hand tracking looks to match the features detected against something it has been previously taught.

The video above shows the basic operation of the app and what it can do at the moment. I'm working on making a serial cable so I can put the app to use on my robot. I'm also working on getting bluetooth working so that I can go for a wireless connection.

What works: Object Detection and Face Detection, serial output via headphone.
What doesn't: Object Tracking and Face Tracking, serial output via bluetooth

If you install the app and run it you will be directed to the Android Market to download the OpenCV Manager app. My app requires this to run.

So here is what I need from you guys:
1. Let me know what device you tried it on and if you had any problems
2. What tasks/image processing operations do you see as being useful for this app?

Thanks for your input

**EDIT: I had to split the app into 2 parts so you will need to download both to extract the zip file
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