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Windows SW for PCB routing on home made CNC


Working on homebrew 3d printer. At point where X,Y,Z running on home brew motion system.
Want to use XYZ table to produce PCBs.  Looking for windows based freeware to layout PCB and then windows based freeware to produce G-Code for cutting the traces.

I've already tried "FreePCB" and "LineGrinder" but LineGrinder won't read gerber from FreePCB.

No disrespect but I have no interest in learning Linux, and it seems most of the SW out there is geared towards Linux.

Anyone figured out how to get from schematic to traces cut using Windows programs?

The free version of Eagle lets you build PCBs up to size 80mmx100mm.
There is a milling ULP (user language program) that generates isolation milling G-code from the Eagle PCB layers.
I've used it, it works, but I've found that milled PCBs don't fit my prototyping needs very well. I'd rather prototype on stripboard, and then wait 10 days for a real PCB with multiple layers, vias, solder mask, and silkscreen.
Your experience may of course vary :-)

+1 on your helpfullness score

I was thinking Eagle was linux only but now see it is OK with MS. Thanks for prompting me to look again.

Do you have the name of ULP program? Which one do you use?



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