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PID algorithm

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Error = target_pos - current_pos;             //calculate error
 P = Error * Kp;                       //error times proportional constant gives P
 I = I + (Ki*Error);                             //calculates the integral value
 D = kd * (Error - previos_error);       //stores change in error to derivate
 Correction = P + I + D;
 pwm = 175;
  RPM_of_Lm = pwm - (Correction);        // calculate pwm for motors
  RPM_of_Rm = pwm + (Correction);

now is this controller right???

You have two error terms one Error and one error. That is a problem.

You set the value for the previous error right after you calculate the Error - too late  - you need to do that BEFORE you change the value of Error.

But you are getting closer.
is the term correction  right????
will it work properly...?

If you fix the errors noted above it should work (you will have to tune the gains of course - I would set Ki and kd = 0 and just work with Kp to start. Set the intital value to 10 - if that doesn't work try 1 (if it's turning too much) or 100 (not turning enough) once you get close you can change it by double or half instead of by 10 or 1/10)
thanxx .. alot for your help....!
i am fixing the issues with the driver circuit ....
i would probably finish the driver problem in some days and than start tuning part.....


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