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Simulation of line follower sensor circuit


Hi. I'm doing a simulation for line follower robot for my final year project. I'm using proteus.
My problem is, when i'm trying to connect the regulator circuit to sensor circuit, the regulator will give high voltage. It suppose to be 5V as it is 7805 regulator

but if i connect battery directly to the circuit, it works.

But i need to use the regulator circuit to give constant of 5V from 9V battery. Can someone please help me?

Hi :)

First, images You posted do not show properly. Second, datasheet says to use 0.33uF polarised cap at the input pin and 0.1uF polarised cap at the output pin; You use 1uF and 10uF (respectively) unpolarised caps. Although this should not affect simulation. Try using another regulator model. Also, why use regulator at all, just use 5V power supply.


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