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Problem with sensors o/p vol



I built a line follower with five QRD113 IR sensor(Analog) and Arduino UNO. I'm using LiPO 7.4v battery to power all my circuits. When at-least one of the sensor is in black line, I get some reading from my sensors properly, but when all the sensors are in white background,  I don't get any reading from my sensors.
I checked using serial monitor. When all the sensors are in white, UNO doesn't read anything. Is it problem with the powe supply are some else?

Thank you.

Are you measuring the sensor outputs with a Voltmeter? or with the UNO's ADCs?

--- Quote ---UNO doesn't read anything
--- End quote ---
What does this mean? The UNO doesn't even do an ADC conversions? or the UNO code is not sending a value to the serial output?

I'm not familiar with the QRD113 IR sensors. Please post a link to the data sheet.
A sketch of the sensor connection to the UNO may also help.

It could be a power supply problem. Have you measured the PS while in the 'fault' condition? Is the UNO still running?


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