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i'm sure there's a simple solution to this, hopefully you guys will know.

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Using Arduino, motor driver and stepper motor is an overkill with capital O  ;D

To achieve what You want it is enough to have microcontroller with 1 ADC (analog to digital) port to read potentiometer value and 1 PWM port to drive the motor. Something small and cheap like Atmel ATtiny13A is more than enough.

Stepper motor is a very bad choice for this application. Stepper motors are bulky, heavy and move in steps (hence the name), meaning You will not get smooth zoom, unless You are willing to develop/buy micro-stepping driver and algorithm. On top of all that, 1 stepper motor requires 2 H-bridges to run as opposed to 1 H-bridge for regular motor. Operating camera lens does not require a lot of torque, hence small geared motor or small servo is suitable to use. How quite these devices are depend on how much you are willing to spend.

Using full blown motor driver is an overkill as well. Get something like L298N - plenty to drive small motor.

As for thumb stick - Thumb Button Analog Joystick Stick for Sony PSP 2000 Pink UK.


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