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Whats the best PIC32 option?


Oh hey look, it's another code-monkey with no electronics experience. ::)

I am a seasoned programmer(C,C++,Java) but have no idea where to start with the hardware requirements of what I'm aiming to do.

Short term goals are to make a robot with around 8-10 Degrees of Freedom and for two cameras plus a multitude of other sensors as time allows.

My long term goals are to eventually create more complex learning behaviors and for a general experimentation platform.

I've researched quite a few microcontrollers , but can't wrap my head around the physical requirements.
Would it be possible to cross the Axon 2 with say the Pic32 based Digilent Cerebot MX4ck at some point down the line, or do all of the MCU's have to be 32bit?

Would anyone with more experience on the hardware side please chime in and tell me what's going to be required for my (hopeful) project?


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