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Axon Regulator Fried? And A Few Other Questions...



I have a few questions regarding my Axon II.

I am wondering if my regulator is fried.  I just tested voltage output of the regulator and it read zero. 
 The red power led is lit, but only when I plug it into a header on the unregulated section except for bat. 

Last question, the green status led does not light when I plug in power.  Do I have to program it to turn on or should it automatically?

Ok it turned out the regulators pins were actually snapped form the solder joints (appeared to be connected). 

So now when I plug power into bat, the Marquee turns on, but the power LED does not.  Is the bat pin supposed to be connected to all the power pins in the unregulated section? If it is, then I could just put a jumper between the bat pin and one other.

SOLUTION: I figured it out. I bought this Axon secondhand on Ebay.  He removed the solder bridge between bat and G5 for a dual battery configuration so now all I have to do is add a bridge between bat and G5


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