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2 24v motor controllers wired too 1 joystick???????

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hi, im new to this site and wanted some advice or help! i am building a robot form wheelchair parts, ie, im useing 4, 24volt motors, 2 motor controllers and wanted to wire it all into 1 joystick, ???? can this be done?  any advice or help would be a great help. thanks

Which controllers are you using? Link to data sheet.
Do they have resistive control inputs?

What function do you want the motors to do when the Joystick is non-centered?

This would be fairly easy to do using a micro-controller. the joystick's two pots feed a variable voltage to the u-controller's ADC inputs. Then based of the measured ADC values send info the the motor controllers.


--- Quote ---2 motor controllers and wanted to wire it all into 1 joystick
--- End quote ---
joefish41, if you also got the controller(with a joystick) that came with the motors, you could use that.
the sweet thing about using wheelchair controllers is all the built in safeties.


hi guys, thanks for the advice, the 4 motors, 2 controllers and the 1 joystick came from 2 identical wheelchairs they are quite old controllers and joystick, they are penny + giles d49464/5 controllers, what i had planed to is use both controller, with both the wiring looms from the chairs  and wire the looms into 1 joystick, speed control  but i wasnt sure if this would work? or if the 2 controllers would be to much for the 1 joystick, speed control, im not that cleaver when it come to electronics as i am new to all this kind of stuff???

--- Quote ---but i wasnt sure if this would work?
--- End quote ---
joefish41, if both controllers share a common power source I could see it working(IMO 90% chance).
 the P&G controllers are programmed for a particular acceleration/deceleration and speed profiles for
different users, chances are your going to have to have them reprogrammed to operate the same(cost me $50.00Us).



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