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Hey Robot makers !
I am a moroccan student and I will be participating soon in a little robotic competition. (Yes ! Moroccan Universities are finally getting interested in robotics, yeay!  ;D)

Here's the short version :

Two robots in a table have to collect as many little balls as possible and go put them in a dedicated zone. Each robot has its own collect zone (Red or Green). The balls are all spongy-like (6,5 cm in diameter).

Robot specs :
The robot with all attached tools must not exceed 40cmx40cmx50cm in overall dimensions.
The robot alone must not exceed 35cmx35cmx40cm.

Which means I don't have much space to include little hand-pliers to grab the balls.

Some pictures :

I need some ideas for transporting as many balls as possible to the dedicated zone, other than hand-pliers of course.
Thank you all

You'll probably want a scoop that tips up. Something like this:
That toy is a little too big (21") but I'm sure you get the idea.

Great Idea ! Thank you  :D
I'll try to make something on Solidworks and post it here^^

Would it be possible for me to build some sort of Lifting system? The robot would store the balls inside its body, then they would go on a platform which is then lifted upwards to be above the little 3cm wall and then make it possible to empty the balls into the collect zone ?

You can build lifting systems either with a servo arm and a second idler arm, or with a jack screw. I think the arm would be simpler.


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