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connecting 10 servos to axon


       i am constructing a hexapod and i want to connect 12 servos to axon but in webbotlib i have only 6 ports (in servo driver hardware) to connect to servos what should i have to do if i want to connect 12 servos to axon.

Create a s/w servo driver to add more. Balance them - ie same no of h/w and s/w on each side.
s/w servos may be less precise so use them for less load bearing legs (front legs?)

is progamming same for both the s/w and h/w servos or do i need to include any ? if so will you help me in doing that.

Assuming your are using Project Designer then just add the software servo driver and servos. In your own code where you use setSpeed to move the servo then it is identical - ie your code doesn't care whether its hardware or software


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