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Hi All,

Be gentle, I'm just getting started. I've got my robot chassis from Hobby King, now I need to start attaching things.

I need some angle mounts, a spinny thing for the servos, an up-down thing for the distance sensor. Basically I'm looking for a kit that has a bunch of useful attachments and mountings, preferably with some mounts that can swivel.

And hopefully not too expensive!

Does anyone know of these kits? Or should I be looking for used meccano kits on Ebay?

BTW, my robot Percy has just been started and you can meet him here.

Thanks for all your help.

Used Erector sets might not be a bad idea!

Another option is the series of frames from Lynxmotion for hobby-style servos (fits Hitecs, but not many of the clones.)

A third option is to go with wood or plastic sticks, a drill, and a bunch of screws on your own.

A fourth option is to join some open workshop or maker space, and do laser cutting and wood routing and metal milling and vacuum forming plastics :-) (Yeah, I went that route -- I'm a year in and my robot is *almost* ready now...)


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