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Wireless communication between cars


I search after information about who the car can communicate with others cars and protocols for this?
I know that these subjects are new so they are several start ups and labs in the universities that research these areas and I will glad to know about them.
I will glad if you can help me to find information about these.
I find several things that I don't understand what they are and maybe they are related to the subject of communication between cars, if they are related to this subject so I will glad to know how they are connected to this subject and they subjects that are connected to this subject I will glad to know more information about them
1, UTSP Ethernet (also known as OPEN Alliance BroadR Reach)
2.  IEEE AVB (audio video bridging)
3. IEEE 802.1Q VLANs (virtual local area networks)
4. WLAN (Wi-fi local area network)
5. LIN (local interconnect network)
6. CAN (controller area network)
7. MOST (media-oriented system transport)
 8. FlexRay
9. IEEE 802.3

Hi friends,
I really need your help, so if anyone here knows something about communication between cars so I will glad if he can write in this thread his message response and / or post some relevant links about this subject.

The only car to car communication I can think of is one driver talking on his Cell phone to another driver.

I don't know of any current networking technology in active use that solves that problem.
Specifically, most of the technologies require too much handshaking/setup to work well in traffic when cars move relative to each other all the time. (Doesn't matter if it's ZigBee mesh or Bluetooth or 802.whatever -- setup/discovery is slow)
Also, there's the question of knowing *which* car you're talking to -- there are cars in front, back, to the sides, and in the oncoming lanes, and matching up which ones are which electronic ID is another challenge that isn't really solved for real yet.

If you have a better description of what particular data you'd like to communicate between cars, and what your performance requirements are (speed of discovery, distinguishing facilities, throughput, power, etc) then perhaps a slightly less negative answer can be found. Parked cars telling navigating cars which parking lots are already taken is a different problem domain than two cars meeting on a narrow road trying to negotiate who brakes and pulls to the side to let the other one pass!


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