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Where to Find "C" Like Wheel Bracket


I'm looking for brackets similar to the ones on the NASA K10 Rover that would fit on Traxxas RC type wheels.  Anyone seen something like that for sale?

if you know exactly how it looks it could me made in any hardware garage

You're going to have to make or get the brackets separate from the wheel adapters.
RC wheels use one of two standards: Either a fix-pin on a shaft, or a "hex" that goes into the hub. Neither is a standard used anywhere else, where you will have keyways, or D shafts, and/or set screws and shaft collars (and perhaps press fit for bearings.)

For a robot suspension I'm working on, I ended up making adapters from a D shaft with set screw to 14 mm hex center by milling out of aluminum and drilling/tapping holes for the set screws. I then cut the brackets out of aluminum on a mill, too.

Hey jwatte,

I had replied on your post at pololu about those hubs, which reminds me I did find some more hubs that might work, but I haven't tried them yet.

I'll have to go over to that other thread and put the link there as well.

I'm realizing this project will require a lot of custom work.  Oh well, more opportunities to learn and buy new tools.  :D


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