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Some questions from a beginner.


Hi Guys,
I am a engineering student and am wanting to start building robots. I have a couple of questions if you could spare a few minutes:

First: I am looking to build either a quadrapod or a hexapod (using servos). I've been building this stuff for ages so that's no problem but I was wondering which is simpler to programme, making it be autonomous or be able to control it with a controller. I have had some experience with python but none with C or anything else.

Second: I know ardiuno works with C, is there anything with python and if so would you recommend that I start learning C for robots?

Third: I would be able to build this thing pretty quickly so want to get a basic code so it will move a bit and then as I learn I can develop it from there. This may sound like a weird question but how long would it take to get it up and running. If I'm going to spend time and money designing this thing really I would like it to start being able to do stuff fairly soon, so basically how long would I take to get it up and running.

Finally: What number of DOF with legs starts to get very complicated? How quickly does just something like walking get hard to program for?

One last thing, what hardware do you recommend (programming-wise)?

Thanks very much!
George A

Also does anyone know a source of good, cheap servos?

A hexapod is easier to program, because it can always keep its center of mass within a triangle of leg contacts with ground. A quadropod has to shift its weight to avoid tipping. has Solar servos, which are cheap, Chinese, Digital servos with reasonable amounts of torque.
That being said, they're not "good" in the sense that Dynamixel AX-12 or Herkulex DRS-0101 are.

thanks jwatte. What about a Biped?.... Is that even harder?


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