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2 motors on a single battery, would they get equal power?


hello, i was wondering that if i connect two motors to the same 12v battery and send signals via microcontroller to move clockwise, can i expect them to run at equal speed?

i dont want to get into encoders and all, just trying to stay away from those confusing stuff for now as i dont even know what motors to buy for my robotics competition..and also i dont want to make my code complex!

i want my robot to go straight

In theory same motors should have equal power consumption, hence equal speed and torque, however in real life it is not true due to motor windings being of slightly different resistance and/or length and/or inductance and/or inconsistencies in windings and/or etc etc. All man-made products have tolerance value (acceptable error), due to that error You cannot be sure that motors run at the same velocity, unless You use some sort of feedback (a.k.a. encoder). Having that said, You, most likely, will not see big drift (depending on quality of Your motors and other parts You use, and if You're lucky enough) if path of the robot is short, however in the long run there will be noticeable error accumulation even with the most advanced/precise/expensive/super-duper-kick-ass motors in the world :)


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