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i need help with my project(ip camera)


im working on a project which controlling a robot tank with robot arm and camera..wireless

1. and i'm going to use 4 transistor circuit for the uni polar steppers to run the tank, and H-bridge to run the bi stepper on the arm.(using xbee or bluetooth, should i use wireless too since im going use ip camera)

2. for the camera part(i haven't sure how to build it), should i use wireless video camera or ip camera.(i prefer ip camera, but i don't how it works, so i might need some help)..

so far , i know that the ip camera connects to the router,same to the Ethernet  shield. also 12v to the router and Vcc to ip camera. that is  all know, i need to figure out how to control it through internet.(web server thing, and the coding , also do i need to configure the router etc)..

basically,i need a tutorial for how to use ip camera,how to monitor in PC


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