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Hey guys what camera do you recommend for visual processing
I have heard about the CMU cameras but what about webcams?

How would you program a webcam for visual processing in C or C++?
Would you need libraries or something?(or OPenCV)

Typically, you read an image stream from a camera using a platform specific API. On Windows, it's either DirectShow, or Windows Media Foundation, IIRC. On Linux, it's video4linux2, which ends up being a single header file with some ioctl() structures and control codes.
OpenCV has some classes for working with webcams and Kinect cameras and a few others. This means you don't have to learn your platform-specific video capture API, but instead the OpenCV API.

Any camera will give you pictures. The more expensive cameras typically have various features not found on the cheaper ones:
- higher-quality sensors with less noise
- better frame rates
- better optics
- spatially calibrated for specifc capture transform (for specific computer vision cameras)
- stereo capable (for specific computer vision cameras)
- more robust
- etc

Often, because of the cost advantage of the mass market, a more expensive camera may give you one particular feature (say, stereo) but actually be worse in all the other respects. However, if you need that feature, well, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place :-)

do you know any good tutorials for the process you said

Start here perhaps?

 I know this is a dumb question but how do you import open CV
I know you have to include it in the code but  don't i need to move the file somewhere like a specific library file(similar for inputting libraries for the arduino)
I am using ecllpse as my IDE on C

and do you think I should python instead for programming?


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