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Sensing deformation in a rubber...blob


Howdy all,

Sorry for the not very descriptive title :-P I want to make a fingertip out of some deformable material, possibly rubber or silicone.  I will mount it on top of a force sensor, but I also want to be able to sense deformation in the material.  I know that strain gauges can give me this information, but I am in the dark as to what to look for and where to find it.  Google shows me a lot of "stretch sensors" that are like long chords, but what I really need is a compact one.

Any hints?


I was thinking of two pieces of metal. One as a kind of back support plate for the blob/finger and the other embedded in the blob parallel to the back plate, close enough for capacitive force. If pressure is applied to the blob the capacitance would change with amount of force applied? Not sure if that would work or not.

It's an interesting idea, although I need more of a deformation sensor than anything.  I'm starting to realize that just using a strain sensor isn't likely to work since I need a big amplifier, so...I'm still checking!



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