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hii ,
i need to control 35k brushed motors  i have heard that they require a lot hell of current ....
which batteries would you guys recommend  and i need to control 3 motors at a time
should i power them individually or 1 battery should power the 3 at a time????


I have no idea what 35k motor is, hence posting a datasheet would help a lot :)

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the problem is there is no datasheet ....
It is a motor with rpm of 35,000
so it spins really fast....
it requires 8-12v and probably around 8-10 amps.....

Without datasheet no one can tell what batteries You should use. You'll have to measure current draw - that's the only way. Measure it when motor is stalled (be fast, You don't want to burn it) and when free-running. Also, if You don't know voltage of the motor be careful not to over-voltage it, start with small voltage and track temperature, while free-running it should not get hotter than around 40°.

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thnxx for your reply,
but which types of batteries are cheap and best for high current applications....


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