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i am talking about the battery specs which jwatte has provided as link is not working.....

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--- Quote from: [email protected] on February 22, 2013, 12:23:58 AM ---Link not working,
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At least for me  link is working fine :)

--- Quote from: [email protected] on February 22, 2013, 12:23:58 AM ---could you tell me the battery specifications...?
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You did not provide us with any motor specs, so how can we provide You with battery specs? They are related. If You want You motors to simply run, then get any matching voltage battery. If You want motors to run for specific amount of time, You need to know how much current motor is using under specific load conditions.

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Here You go :)

GENS ACE 5500mah 3S1P 11.1V 25C Lipo battery pack

--- Quote from: hobbypartz.com ---Capacity: 5500MAH
Voltage: 11.1V
Size: 191.05* 45.02 * 24.83mm (L * W * H)
Weight: 468g
Discharge rate: 25C Continuous, 50C Burst
Charge rate: 5C charging acceptable
Plug: Banana 4.0
Application : Acepow Gens ace 5500mah 22.2V (6S1P) 25C high discharge rate, able to be charged by 5C! Suitable for Graupner HYDRO DRAGSTAR racing boat model.
Gens Ace is one of the top rank battery corporations with deep research and manufacturing on NIMH, LI-PO, LI-FE by the effort of 200 professional engineers and technicians with 20 years exquisite battery technology. The Gens Ace brand holds the traditional concept of "excellent quality", "Optimization"& "Priority" on Sales & Services. All batteries are tailored for various scales of the RC Models such as electronic cars, nitro cars, aero planes, vessels and also other models, toys, electric tools, electric bikes, electric autos, digital products etc.
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