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inexpensive linear actuator needed


I need linear actuators for two different functions.  I need one to elevate a platform approximately 4 inches, weighing between five to 10 pounds and I need an actuator to slide a platform horizontally up to 3 feet, weighing about five to 10 pounds as well.  I have done considerable searching for actuators, but most of the ones I've come across are for industrial/commercial uses costing at least $100 for each actuator.  My price range would be about $15-$25 per actuator.

Have you thought about using a motor with a screw thread coupled to the shaft? This would do the job and be inexpensive.


That was definitely one of the options I considered, but again I had difficulty finding an inexpensive version of a threaded screw drive.  Just tell me where I can find  one.

I have allready made use of this idea in a past project, and i simply used a screw thread bought from a local DIY shop and a fitting nut which was attached to the platform i wanted to move. It worked fine.

What about a cheap DC motor that pulls a string(s) attached to an overhead pulley?

That will give you linear motion of any distance, plus a mechanical advantage so you can use a cheaper motor.

As an added bonus, pulleys have high efficiency (above 95%).


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