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Axon Mote to USB bridge (FT232R) - ATmega USART channel 0 setup

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oops, typo! thanks for catching that  ::)

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--- Quote ---If using WebbotLib: character size is 8, no parity, 1 stop bit, and hardware flow control.

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There is no flow control

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Well, baud rate 9600 didn't work with FT232R  :(.

At the same time USART 1 works fine with this rate (loop-back test, etc).

After reverse engineering some sample code from tutorials I found rate value 230400. And at least with this rate some data is coming through the FT232R to virtual COM on Win7 PC. :)

Quick update.. 9600 is fine too.

Was an overflow error in baud rate register value calculation (8-bit MCU has it's limits too ;))


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