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need help, how to begin?


when i connect the Axon with a servo to RoboRealm- the servo works great.
but now i want to create my own program:
i download the Project Designer and create a project, i download winavr and avr studio 4, installed everthing.
now what do i need to do?
do i need to load hex file to Axon controller for every project or change, or maybe i can use the one that already on it and uses by RoboRealm.
i downloaded and webbotavrclib-2.09 and in the files it writen "sys/anox", but there is no "sys" folder.

can someone give a step by step, what to do, what to compile ,what to load, give a simple code that moves servo ,so i can write a program that controll the axon from my pc- like the RoboRealm does.

thanks for the help.

First, just try to write a very simple program.

Follow the instructions here:

Go through until the very end, where you compile the program and upload it to your Axon.

RoboRealm works with the Axon by sending servo commands through USB, and the Axon acts as a slave. I didn't write the code to do this so I don't know the specifics. Steven at RoboRealm wrote it.

After you get your code compiled in step #1, email Steven the specifics of the code he wrote. If it is too confusing for you, just post it here and I'll help you work through it.

can i download the code that on the axon before i replace it with mine, so if i wont succeed, then i could at least upload it back and work with the RoboRealm.

You can put any code you want on it, but to 'download' it from the Axon isn't feasible.

(is that what you meant?)


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