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Could i have assistance on how to obtain material for my robot please?

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Thank you so much for the responses!  We just want to make a robotic arm on wheels that could lift up light weight objects.  I'll post our design shortly..


--- Quote from: MrWizard on February 23, 2013, 11:09:15 AM ---First you make a scope for the project what does it need to do, what does it need to be capable of....
Then you go measure and calculate the forces, which is directly related to the materials and solutions.
Select the right materials, size and shape. Sensors etc etc...Check for electronics that is supported by libraries under Arduino or C.
Then you need to seek some knowledge of manufacturing, some you can do yourself, some by more experienced hands.
Check, soldere the electronics, wire and connect, double check and measure with a multimeter if all is decently connected.
Then you going to program or code (this is the fun stuff), fix the mistakes and troubleshoot until quirks and bugs are gone.

Take pictures of the process and make a nice report, blog some here...

Happy roboteering.....nobody said it would be easy :-)

--- End quote ---

We intend to use arduino, no sensors (as far as I know).  The purpose of the project is to have the motion of the arm mimic the motion of a human arm.  We can safely say that we finished researching the gadget that will control the arm, now it's all about researching how to construct the arm!

Aluminium will I think do the job

Use boxed or triangle constructions

View this perhaps an idea..

Hey everyone!  This is an isometric view of our proposed design!  The gripper is a placeholder until we can agree on a design for the end effector (this was properly explained and cited on our proposal).  This is our first hypothetical design and as you can see, it's not original, but I'd love your comments, critiques and suggestions.  We plan on using 5 DOF's for the arm and one or two on the end effector depending on it's complexity.  We want to get it to lift at least a tennis ball.  Based on those dimensions, I was able to calculate the torque needed at each joint (assuming the tennis ball was in hand), however my biggest concern was how to construct the base.  You see, I want the arm to rotate up to 135 degrees and so I drew rotating plates (pink) attached to a shaft (blue) which would be spun by a gear on the servo (red), but I'm not sure how that's really constructed or if it's feasible.  Any suggestions on how to research this?  Or do I have this all wrong and should re-do this drawing ASAP? 

Note*  This is my first time doing a 3D CAD drawing, I've always done 2D ><


Front view of base

What you're seeing is an old revision.  The only changes that were made was the bottom plate.  It was expanded to fit inside the proposed chassis.

I should apologize for taking forever to post this (exams and homework >< ) and also thanking everyone for their helpful responses!

After thinking about it, I don't think I need those yellow plates.  The shaft will be holding all the weight.  I guess my only question is how do I attach a shaft to something it needs to rotate.  A circular plate with hole size equal to the diameter of the shaft, how does it stay in place and rotate.


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