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I am a highschool student getting ready to decide and figure out what i want to do in the future. I was wondering how well the pay in robotics is and how many jobs are out there

Well, it depends what You are interested in doing. Robotics is a very wide subject, as there are many different disciplines involved: mech design, control system design, programming, simulation, deployment, integration, materials and probably many more. So, if You were more specific...

-making of bomb diffusing robot for a 3rd world country as they dont have like my country
-mine system where lives of workers is not risked
-future trains(line following robots)

The cool thing with robotics is that it integrates a lot of different disciplines.
My advise is to specialize in one discipline -- computer science, electrical engineer, mechanical engineering, or something like that -- and then pick side classes, hobbies, and projects that give you exposure to the others.
Then, you can pick a job in robotics if you really want to, or you can follow your specialty into any other kind of job within that area.

Robotics proper is a pretty small field, very research heavy, and from what I can tell, you break into it by doing amazing things on your own and driving your own business. Meanwhile, related fields, like motion control, or sensors, or electronics systems, are well established systems with well established career paths. I don't think you can compare the two.


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