Author Topic: ARDUINO MEGA + ODROID-X2 (Linaro ubuntu with eclipse and opencv) + USB CAMERA  (Read 1312 times)

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Hello all,

I hope you can help me. I am trying to build a robot but I am kind of stuck. The arduino mega is controlling the stepper motors drivers of the robot. The odroid-x is a single board computer that has installed linaro ubuntu and eclipse c++. All the programming is done in c++ and opencv is an image processing library.

The odroid-x has only as input a color camera. Therefore, the information from the camera is received and is processed in eclipse. Then, according to the information that is received, the odroid-x should send different integers to the arduino. The arduino should have a program already uploaded in itself, so it will be waiting for an integer and that integer is going to determine what the arduino is going to send to the drivers. 

My questions are the following:
1. How can I do a serial communication between the arduino and the odroid-x?
2. How can I send information from eclipse to the arduino with a serial connection?

Thanks so much for any guide you can give me

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You can use USART feature. For microcontroller to PC comms You'll also need TTL to USB converter.
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