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I have wired my robot correctly and I have all the parts. When when connect my Axon 2 to my PC with the USB cord, it says I need a disk or software to run the program. So what program do I need to set up my voice commands for the robot?
I also would like to know what size wheel would work the best on my robot.
Please help!


--- Quote ---I also would like to know what size wheel would work the best on my robot.
--- End quote ---

We need much more info to even start making suggestions.  This is like asking you "what size tires would work best on the truck I drive"?

Questions to help select wheels:
What is the robots size and weight?
What is the Maximum speed you want?
What kind of surface will it run on? Indoor smooth floors or outside on grass, rocks or hills?

Then there is the questions as to which motor/gearing you are using?
How you selected this?

It is more of the software issue that I am concerned about. I was just curious to see what the wheel size used in the tutorial was.

I'm not entirely clear on where you are stuck or what software you are looking for . . .

Follow this tutorial step by step, and let us know which step isn't working:

After you complete that tutorial, then follow this one step by step:

and if you get stuck, let us know which specific step you're having trouble with. :)

I watched the tuturial, but how do I program the Axon 2 for my Voice Recognition Robot?


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