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Suggestions for USB IO Board with sample code [solved]


Hi all,
I am looking for a USB controlled IO Board with at least 16 low current digital outputs.
It is important that I also find simple sample code in either C++, Java, or C#, etc. that can control the outputs since I am no code expert.

I plan on using this board with my Windows 7 PC.
What is the most affordable option that you know of?
 :D Thanks ;D

Great question.
Here is what I suggest: http://www.poscope.com/pokeys56u

It comes with example code in every language you mentioned!

The Arduino Uno has > 16 low current outputs (when you use the analog pins as outputs.)
Same for the Arduino Leonardo (lower cost) and Mega (higher cost, more pins.)
You'll have to write a little bit of code running on the Arduino to read the input command (serial port or USB) to set the state of the output ports, and then talk to the board using serial or USB ports on the PC. Lots of tutorials for these kinds of things on arduino.cc.


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