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would it work on grass?


My current project has four wheels, two front are drive wheels, two back are caster wheels. this
setup gives me zero radius turns which is very handy for parts of my application(mowing grass),
but does limit me in other parts(like plowing snow), what I'd like to try is replacing the casters
with two drive wheels, giving me four wheel drive, where both wheels on each side would turn
together for Differential Steering. IMO it should work good for plowing, but I gotta think it would
cause to much friction for zero radius turns on grass(tar up the grass when turning).

front and rear axles would be 18" apart.
front wheelbase 36", rear wheelbase 32".

What you think, bad for grass?


In my experience mowing a variety of lawns: A normal lawn mower (not tractor) has wheels that don't turn, and doesn't typically tear up the lawn. The question is how much your entire thing will weigh. If it weighs more than your typical Lawn Boy, then maybe you should start worrying about the weight when turning.

If you run your RC transmitter in "mix mode" (like I do on my Fly Sky FS-CT6B) then it will auto rotate one side in reverse on tight turns so that the wheels do not drag.

I believe I'v got a fix, I'll keep the main unit as two wheel drive(good for mowing)
then have two addistional powered wheels mounted on the snow plow as an
attachment that are controlled by the main unit. that way I can keep the unit
weight under 400lb for mowing but still have over 500lb for plowing snow.



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