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hello friends i am from india.quite well versed in the field of robotics..can anybody suggest me a location where i acn do my internship in summer..
plz give me the web address

Do you mean in India? In the US there are a few, but not many. iRobot typically hires a lot. JPL a few too. Your best chance would be to find obscure companies that dont get many job applicants, and apply there.

thanks for being so concerned in replying me.i am really amazed by the thing that i got a reply in so less per ur advice i have applied to Irobot and in the web page of jpl there was no link to apply for internship..plz tell me how to for that..and in general i really should appreciate ur advice in finding obscure companies to apply for.Is there any database or something or a souce which can make my this work a bit easy in searching that.Give me some guidelines.And i am not concerned about the location.I can do it anywhere.It is just my intrest in this field.

Hmmm now that I think about it, JPL and any other company that contracts with the US military will not hire anyone without US citizenship. It kinda sucks, but thats the reality . . .

Haha, so the reason I wouldnt be able to give you a list of obscure companies is simply that they are too obscure. For example, the job I now have found me - I had zero idea of what CBMSE at NRL was . . . Many companies do mostly non-robotics stuff, but they often might have a small experimental robotics project going on that isnt advertised to the public. Just apply to technology and engineering companies, and you might get lucky.

Search job sites like Monster . . . post your resume on a bunch too. Go to job fairs.

Probably better to not look for jobs in robotics, but instead in mechatronics. Its really close in skills used, but the job opportunities are much much higher for recent grads.


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