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Send out specific frequency from AT Mega 8

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Is there a way that I can program my AT Mega 8 to output a specific frequency, lets say 6kHz(6000Hz) just for an example, to any one of the B, C, D pins?

Maybe you could use one of the timers to interrupt every 1/6000th of a second. This would let you get on with other things at the same time. Maybe there are other ways you could do it using hardware, but i don't know much about ATMega chips.

Does it have a sound command?  Those are usually good for sending out a frequency.  Or you could get a voltage -> frequency ic..

I want to be able to hook up a piezo disc to the pin and have it play at what ever frequency is running out of that pin.

Since you dont care about any particular frequency, use the exact same code that I use for servos on my $50 Robot. Then just change the frequency until you hear a sound.

If you want a perfect frequency, hook up the output pin to an oscope.


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