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is the connection in the diagram corect for the black line follower mode of the $40 robot.This is the actual way iam going to solder them im not using the dip pins please confirm whether this will work.

Standard protocol for message boards is to use lower case type. Your all CAPS subject lines are stressing me out, man.
Go easy on the caps and I'll give consideration to answering your questions.

sorry,have changed it,just love the caps button and shift will go easy from now on.

please confirm for pin 7 and 10 (does it go to vcc)

In cases like Your's datasheet sure helps a lot --> http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/l293d.pdf ;)

If You connect everything as in the picture above two lower Half H-Bridges will be ON all the time and two upper Half H-bridges will be ON or OFF depending on output of Your sensors. All that means that if upper Half H-Bridge is OFF - motor spins, if it's ON - motors stops. If this is desired behaviour, then it's all right.


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