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Hey guys, Is it possible to run multiple servos at the exact same time on the arduino uno, i want to see if i could create a walking robot that could move its thigh,heel and foot to create movement
in total it would be six servos
could this work?

Yes, it is possible and has been done.
Search the forums here for more info.

Also look up the Webbotlib code to make coding for multiple servos easier.

I am new to programming, so could you explain why exactly the webbotlib is helpful?

It contains pre-written high level code to setup and use the Atmega's hardware features.

As I said, look it up. There is a lot of info in the SoR forums about webbotlib and how to use it.
Just type "webbotlib" in the text box at the upper right of this screen then click the 'search' button.

If you're using a Arduino Uno, I think using the Arduino libraries and IDE is probably the easiest way to go, s it has many, many tutorials all over the web. For example, the Servo library lets you connect and drive up to 12 RC hobby servos (PWM) with reasonable performance. Not saying Webbotlib is bad, but if you're using Arduino specifically


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