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 i am new on the site society of robots. i am very thankful that there was this site and i have a question about robots. what is a good "beginner humanoid robot"? please do not suggest the lego mindstorms kit i already have and have built alpha rex. please don't ask me to rebuild it and post pictures because i have a robot built for a robot firefighting competetion and have my robot built and would not like to rebuild it.

The best beginning humanoid robot I know if is the Bioloid by Robotis. It uses Dynamixel AX-12 servos. It also uses a Robotis microcontroller and software that can be programmed from your PC, but you can also program it yourself. There's also the Arbotix which is a replacement controller that works a lot like an Arduino board, yet can control the Bioloid.

Note that you really should get the "premium" version of the kit -- the starter kit only has a few servos and isn't very humanoid-like.

I don't have experience with the smaller AX-12 servos myself, but I've been impressed by the bigger MX line of servos, which is the step up from AX.

thank you, do you have any suggestions how to save up? i have noticed it is way over $800 USD. but i do like how the premium looks and i have heard dynamixels are very strong.

To save money: Make sure you have a job. Spend less than you make. Wait :-)
The trick really is to spend *way* less than you make. Even if you could afford your own apartment, live with room-mates in a shared flat, banking the difference. Even if you could afford to lease a new car, buy an old junker for cash and fix it yourself if it breaks. Etc.

I was not expecting such a drool inducing robot. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wish the price tag didn't break the bank though. I need my money for tuition still.

And it's programmable in C... This thing was made for me.


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