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i looked at the HOVIS lite and it comes in at 750 USD. i may choose this but i also looked at the robovie nano. it is a small robot by Vstone and is pretty cool looking and comes in at 815 USD.
Heres the link to robovie nano:

robovie nano is 500 usd here! :
i have found my robot!
thank you all for your help i am sorry about spelling errors i am very happy right now.

On the market are available a lot of humanoid robots that can be used in educational of hobby purposes. I create a list for you: Kumotek KT-X, Manoi AT01, Darwin OP, or NAO. The price is high compared with NXT, but it worth if you have in plans to learn something about humanoid robots.

 i am using my robot for competition and the nao, darwin op, and manoi at01 have shells that can be damaged by robot kung fu and such.

Duane Degn:
The Dynamixel AX-12A servos are really cool. They let you do all sorts of cool stuff when them. The have torque feedback so you can tell how hard your robot is working. You can turn the torque off and then position the robot yourself and have your controller memorize the positions for later play back.

One nice thing about he Bioloid set jwatte mentioned is you don't have to buy the whole set at once. You can purchase just the plastic hardware pieces of the Bioloid without needing to purchase all the servos at the same time. This way you could slowly collect the servos and then once you have enough servos to build a humanoid you could then buy the humanoid set without the servos.

While I really like the AX-12A servos, I also really like being able to get a lot of servos for not much money. HobbyKing has some pretty good prices on servos. I used their cheap HXT900 servos in a hexapod which worked really well (I also used them in a poorly designed hexapod which didn't work well).

Their metal gear HXT-12 servos are pretty strong both in torque and structurally.

Here are some links to the servos:

I used 16 of the small servos and 16 metal gear servos to show how a Propeller can drive 32 servos at once without additional ICs.


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