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not to be a constant complainer but i'm not old enough to get a job. as i said i am entering in a robot firefight competition. i'm only in fifth grade and i have heard some people say that some servos would be dangerous for me because of how fast they are.

also i was looking at robobuilder 5710k. is this good for robot soccer?

Working for family members is a good way to save up and asking parents to help pay robot parts will work if you can prove that you will learn a lot (which you will, if you stick with it). Also joining Science Olympiad when in 6th grade is also a good thing to do. There are events where robotics (general robotics) skills are mandatory or helpful. Also your school could pay for the of the parts (if the school offers Science Olympiad), which is always good  :)

i decided im going to make a humanoid robot from scratch. it will be small,about 8 inches. does anyone know of some good servos and a nice microcontroller? my budget is coming in around 1100$. remember, small fast servos.

In a humanoid, torque is a lot more important than speed. Very few joints need to move faster than 0.2 seconds for 60 degrees, which is not a "fast" servo, but all the leg joints will need a lot of torque to keep the body upright.

For $1100, I'd still recommend the Bioloid, or perhaps the Hovis (a similar robot from competitor Dongbu Robot.)

If you want to do a humanoid with hobby servos, try a Pololu Maestro as your controller, and the Hitec servo brackets from lynxmotion. It's probably still going to be taller than 8", though.

The 5710K looks like another option, although I have no experience with the wCK servos/actuators, so I couldn't say whether this is a good deal or not.


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