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I am interested in attending Human Robotics Interaction graduate school.
However, I was from mechanical engineering department in my undergraduate.
Is it suitable for mechanical students to study in HRI field?
Is it more appropriate for students from computer science or electrical engineering?
I mean, I am pretty good in control courses in mechanical department.
I've also learned some programming and electrical courses and got good grades, too.
But is it enough?

I am especially interested in field regarding AI, Genetic Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning (I've taken these above two graduate courses in mechanical department) and Biorobotics.

Robotics really need all three disciplines. I think it's great that you've already taken CS and EE classes!
To know exactly what's needed for the program you're thinking about, you probably should ask the program director and the professors at that program.
However, in general, I'd say that someone who has a degree in one of (ME, EE, CS) and has an understanding and hobby-level knowledge of the other two, should be able to do fine!

HRI includes at least some main features for a robot:  augmented reality, learning applied to a robot, recognition and emotions.  All of these main features are related to the software side and not at all with the mechanical side. If you're passionate by HRI, continue with the passion and learn more on programming side.


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