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I'm looking for some input on electronics to control a hydraulically driven wheelchair accessible ATV. The goal is to have it driven similar to a power wheelchair with a joystick. It is articulated steering and will use a servo to control forward and reverse from the hydraulic pump, and also steering.

I was just looking for some input on where to start. The machine is half built already. I will attach a rendering. This is a personal project for myself, just look and get back out into the outdoors after a spinal cord injury.



I would use a potentiometer attached to the hydraulics, and use a micro controller  to read the value of that and input it into the hydraulics.

any suggestions on what kind of joystick and actuator to control the hydraulic pumps,it will probably need to be quite small.

What parts need hydraulics? If you can get away with all electronic control, it will be a lot simpler IMO...

It uses four hydraulic motors to drive each wheel, there will be two hydraulic piston pumps, which will power each the left and the right side of the wheels. Then I would need some sort of electronic actuator of some sort, to control the forward and reverse of the piston pumps to control the wheels. The joystick with control the forward and back and left and right steering. There will also be an actuator to control the articulated steering. I hope that's little more clear.


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