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Well I was thinking of going for a bipedal giant mech and it would be powered by hydogencells. since solar cells would not produce enough.

as for kuratas from what I see that thing is more for those fans who just want to have a toy.

What I wanted to do was to work ourselves up to something which could be used in combat/rescue/indrustry.

I would see myself as a leader with innovation, not that there is any lack of it here or anywhere.

Sadly I do not have the resources, and you can call me crazy and ignore me, but I only have the idea and concept.
part of the reason me posting and joining this community was to see if any of you would be willing to give few pointers so that perhaps I could start this thing rolling.

I know that to get any real funding I would have to come up with detailed plans and find people/companies that would be willing to fund the whole project.

If I had endless supply of funding available I would have already started a corporation and gotten together people needed and the thing would be on its way.


--- Quote ---I would see myself as a leader with innovation
--- End quote ---

That's great!

What's your track record so far, that shows you can bring together different people and make them work for a common goal?
Have you successfully fund-raised for a project before?

I'll be honest here: My guess from looking at your posts is that you have zero track record; have never run a team; and have never successfully fund-raised. If that is the case, your project is doomed from the start, because building what you suggest for real requires the best of the best in leadership, engineering, management, and execution. And, by definition, someone with zero experience is not the best, much less the best of the best.

I suggest you start with a very small project. Something that requires you to fund-raise $1,000 and manage a team of two friends to win a local competition, for example. If you can do that, then you can move up a little bit -- fund-raise $10k, and lead a team of a few people that you don't know. If you manage to do that successfully, step up the size of your goals each time, and you'll be at the $10 million multi-national distributed team five or six years from now. Short of winning the lottery, I think that's the only way you could get into the position you suggest for the project you suggest.


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