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Help wanted- stereo video software to measure fish


Hi All,

I'm in need of some help. Firstly- I have no clue about software or programming so Ill not be able to understand any script. I have enough trouble trying to simple statistical analyses in matlab or R.

Anyway I'm in need of help to develop a basic stereo-video software package to measure free swimming fish.

We use stereo-video cameras to analyze fish communities to understand the size of individuals and the numbers of them.

However, I wish to write some new software as ours is old and archaic and our developer does not want to change its format. In the age of smooth, elegant software applications and easy to follow work-flows, I feel that we can do something new. Just need someone who can do it.

Does any one want to, or know of, or can direct me to, people that could help out with this. I am sure the code for analyzing linear lengths is not dissimilar to making robots navigate with binocular vision. So thats why I am asking.

Anyway, thanks for your time.


You have to realize that a modern, smooth, interface and workflow is the result of significant resources -- both hardware resources, and development resources. Most products that feel good have user interaction designers, graphical designers, and software testers involved in addition to software engineers. If your previously software was developed by a software engineer without those additional resources, it's reasonable to see why it couldn't easily be updated.

Secondly, because of the number of people involved, the cost will also go up. Without knowing your budget, it's hard to give any kind of recommendation. I know top-notch contracting houses with award-winning artists, very senior engineers, and dedicated project managers on staff. They will bill you $250 per hour per person, and the application you're suggesting is probably around 600 person-hours assuming a stereo vision library can be found for the stereo analysis part. You'd get a great application! And it would only cost you $150,000! If you'd like a reference, I'd be happy to forward it if you private message me; no relation with them except as a satisfied customer.

Thanks Jwatte,

Figure there would be a hefty price tag :)

I guess it doesn't need to be as slick and pretty as something with a 150K price tag, just be good to get something steamlined and more intuitive.

Thanks for your input, if I win the lottery Ill take you up on your offer to make a connection.



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