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Selling PhantomX Hexapod V1 Kit (trossenrobotics)


I purchased this for my school and we end up not using it.. So we assembled it and decided we didnt want it..

This is the full kit... its the MKI edition
18x AX-12A DYNAMIXEL Actuators
PhantomX Hexapod Hardware & Body Kit
ArbotiX Robocontroller
ArbotiX Commander
2x Xbee 1mw Modules
6x F1 Bioloid Frames
12x F2 Bioloid Frames
6x F3 Bioloid Frames
11.1v 3S 2200mAh LiPo Battery
USB Xbee Interface
USB A to Mini-B Cable
10ml Bottle of Turbo-Lock
I will also include a PhantomX Quadpod Body Kit and an extra AX-12A

I will let this go for $800 shipped to an US address.. Paypal only (verified)

$650 shipped


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